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Breed: Terrier Mix

Gender: Male, Neutered

Age: 9-Month

Weight: 24 lbs

Dogs: Good with dogs

Cats: Good with cats 

Kids: Good with kids

Housebroken: In training 

Crate Trained: Yes

Leash: Good on leash

Energy Level: Medium

Meet Presley!

Presley’s story should have been an uplifting tale about a lost dog being found and reunited with his owner. However only half of that story is true.

Presley was found scavenging trash for food in a side street alleyway. Just across the street was a nice park with dogs that played in the grass and were happy and loved. But Presley couldn’t play because he didn’t know where his owner was and he was just trying to survive.

When our rescuer found Presley, he was very malnourished. She immediately rushed him to the vet. There they found that Presley was microchipped and registered, upon contacting the owner, they discovered that he was no longer wanted. Not because he had a bad temperament or was aggressive, but only because the previous owner selfishly did not find Presley cute anymore having grown up from a pup.

The truth cannot be farther from his previous owner’s claims. Presley is in fact such a great dog with a kind and playful heart. He loves to play with humans, other dogs, and even cats while being gentle with kids.

Through the loving care of the vets and fosters, Presley has now recovered from his malnutrition and is a healthy dog. They say you can tell a dogs health by the softness of his coat and that is just a part of Presley’s recovery.

Presley is now living with his foster family, but he wants a place to call his forever home.  He deserves to not have to worry about his next meal and will thank you with many kisses for your love and care.

If you would like to adopt, foster, or sponsor Presley, please click one of the buttons below.