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Foster Application

Thank you for opening your home and heart to a rescue in need. You are now part of the action, making a direct impact in saving animals. Please fill out the foster application below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Pet you are interested in
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Pet Size
Energy Level
Do you have any previous experience handling dogs? *
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Name *
Housing Type *
Housing Status
Does your Property manager or Homeowner association allow dog(s)? *
About Your Family/Household Members
All members agreed to foster a pet
Does any member have health concern that will prevent you from keeping the pet
Do you have a fenced yard?
Is it possible for the foster dog to escape the yard?
Are you willing to bring your foster dog to veterinarian appointment if needed?
Are you willing to allow potential adopter to visit your foster dog at your house or designated area?
About Your other pet(s)
Does your other pet(s) get along with other pet?
Are you experiencing any difficulties with your pet(s) in terms of health or behavior?
Foster Agreement *
I will provide humane care for my foster including proper food, water, shelter, and exercise. My foster animal will wear a collar with ID tag, harness, and leash at all time while outdoors. I agree to not abuse or neglect my foster animal and under no circumstances will I physically punish him/her. I will keep a GAIR representative updated if any issues occur with the animal and I will not sell, or surrender my foster to another person, shelter, rescue organization, or to any medical or experimental laboratory. I will contact the representative of GAIR if I can no longer foster to arrange for the return of the foster animal.