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Adoption Application

Thank you for considering the adoption of a rescue!  Before you decide to adopt a pet, please consider the time, effort, and financial obligation necessary to properly care for an animal.  Responsible pet ownership requires a commitment to provide care and companionship for the entire life of the animal.  The decision to adopt a pet is an important one.  In order to ensure that you and your pet will be happy for years to come, we need to take the time to discuss your and the animal’s individual needs and personality traits.  Please take a few moments to carefully read and complete this application. Please note there are no wrong answers. This is to ensure that the dog you are interested in is a good fit for you and your home.

Pet you are interested in
Pet Preference
Pet Size
Energy Level
Reason of Adopting
Name *
What is your age?
Home Address *
Home Address
Housing Type
Housing Status
Does your Property manager or Homeowner association allow a pet(s)
About Your Family/Household Members
Secondary Contact Name
Secondary Contact Name
All members agreed to adopt a pet
Does any member have health concern that will prevent you from keeping the pet
Do you have a fenced yard?
Is it possible for the dog to escape the yard?
Are you willing to let a representative from GAIR to conduct a home check?
Some dogs require some time (weeks or months) to adjust to their new home/environment/family/other pet(s). Are you willing to give your new dog the time he/she needs for adjustment?
Do you have a veterinarian?
Veterinarian Contact Info
Veterinarian Contact Info
Are you willing to bring you dog to the veterinarian for regular check ups, vaccinations, medical treatments, or seek behavior specialist when needed?
Are you able/willing to pay for any medical treatments required for your dog that might result in bill(s) of any amount?
Are you able to commit to provide a forever home for the entire life of the pet?
About Your other pet(s)
Does your other pet(s) get along with other pet?
Are you experiencing any difficulties with your pet(s) in terms of health or behavior?