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Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog/Lab Mix

Gender: Male, Neutered

Age: 3-4 years

Weight: 25 lbs

Dogs: Good with dogs

Cats: Good with cats 

Kids: Good with kids

Housebroken: In training 

Crate Trained: Yes

Leash: Good on leash

Energy Level: Medium

Meet Kimchi!

Kimchi is a happy, sweet, and playful dog. He loves everyone and is kind and friendly to other dogs and cats!

Kimchi had an owner, a lady who had him ever since he was a little puppy. The lady met a person who wanted to marry her but he had one condition which was that she needed to get rid of Kimchi. The lady chose her new husband over Kimchi and abandoned him.  Kimchi had since began his stray journey learning how to survive on the streets. 

A kind neighbor saw Kimchi, unable to help him but he contacted a rescuer for help. When the rescuer saw him, Kimchi was sad with severely matted hair soiled by his own urine and feces, yet he was still friendly toward her. The rescuer sent him to the vet, where they shaved off all of the matted hair and ran a thorough examination on him. Kimchi was mal-nurished and suffered with some skin conditions as a result of the matted hair. 

After three months of dietary and skin treatments, Kimchi has recovered fully from mal-nutricient and skin conditions under the care of his current foster family. He has also regained his liveliness and seems to have forgotten of what happened to him with his previous owner. He is really happy and ready to move on with his life with a new family. We are looking for a family who is willing to give him a true forever home that he can stay for the rest of his life. 

Please give Kimchi a second chance to have a real home and family to give him all love he deserves! If you're interested in Kimchi, or would like to help Kimchi, please click on the links below.