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Breed: Great Pyrenees

Gender: Male, Neutered

Age: 1 Year

Weight: 68 lbs

Dogs: Good with dogs 

Cats: Good with cats

Kids: Good with kids

Housebroken: In Training

Crate Trained: In Training 

Leash: Good on leash

Energy Level: Medium

Meet Ibuki!

Ibuki is a well mannered, food driven, and barely no longer a puppy at just about a year old. He is a pure bred Great Pyrenees, who has extra rear toes unique to the breed which is said to help the breed maintain stability when working in rough, hilly terrain and also provide a snowshoe effect in deep snow.

As a pure bred, it is unlikely that Ibuki was a product of feral reproduction, it’s very likely he was abandoned by a breeder for no good reason. Ibuki was found on the street near a college. A student felt sorry for Ibuki because he looked too skinny for his breed and was rummaging through trash so she began to feed him. The student soon sought help from our rescuer to find a home for Ibuki.

Ibuki was taken to the vet, neutered and given up to date vaccinations. Through love, care and a healthy diet, Ibuki is now filling in and his fur has grown back significantly. He is still a little underweight and his fur hasn’t fully filled out, so you can expect him to grow a little bit more.

Lucky for Ibuki, he is currently living with his amazing foster family in Milpitas, CA. He lives with the family’s Golden Retriever and gets frequent walks.

If you would like to adopt or sponsor Ibuki, please click one of the buttons below.