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Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog/

Shepherd Mix

Gender: Female, Spayed

Age: 8- Month

Weight: 21 lbs

Dogs: Good with dogs

Cats: Good with cats

Kids: Good with kids

Housebroken: Potty outside 3 times/day

Crate Trained: Yes

Leash: Good on leash

Energy Level: Medium

Meet Peggy!

Peggy is a happy little girl. She enjoys walking in the park and always likes to play with other dogs and cats. She loves to join in with human and their activities. She is at the perfect puppy age of 8 months old, still highly trainable and eager for your affection.

Peggy comes from a busy street on top of a hill. she was found panicked on a busy sidewalk. She was covered in dirt and underweight. Luckily for her, our rescuer happened to be driving along this street and saw weak figure walking around the sidewalk. The rescuer pulled over right away to check it out. The rescuer approached her and Peggy looked up at her with those beautiful eyes asking for help. She was then leashed and placed safely in the car. Touchingly Peggy knew she was saved and wagged her tail in return and licked her rescuer. The rescuer took her to the animal hospital where she was cleaned up and given all the necessary medical examinations. She is now spayed, vaccinated, and on her road to recovery.

Peggy had to be hospitalized to ensure she made a full recovery. Her miserable past left her emaciated so she was carefully fed to bring up her energy and weight. She is a little shy at first, but if you give her the love she deserves, she will open her heart and give you an equal amount of love in return.

Peggy has now fully recovered, she is staying with foster family and being well taken care of. She is now ready for a family to take her in and to have a forever home.

Peggy is very smart, she loves to approach people, make eye contact, and immediately lay on her back asking for a belly rub. If you would like to give the little angel a chance, she will embrace your kindness and become an inseparable member of your home.

Please open your heart and your home. If you would like to adopt, foster, or sponsor Peggy, please click one of the buttons below.