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Yenchi reunites with Batman, her first paralyzed rescue and her first rescued dog sent to the US for adoption

Yenchi reunites with Batman, her first paralyzed rescue and her first rescued dog sent to the US for adoption

Guardian Angels International Rescue (GAIR) is inspired by the story of how a dog named Batman by miracle or fate, crossed paths with our co-founder, Yenchi in Taiwan. Both of their lives were forever impacted on one fateful day and everyday after that; it laid the foundation for a greater life for hundreds of dogs thereafter.

Ten years ago, Yenchi was involved in a car accident. Her doctors diagnosed her with no bone or nervous damage, yet she was left paralyzed from the waist down for months. After exhausting all treatments available for her, Yenchi made a vow. She vowed to dedicate her life to saving animals if she ever recovered from her paralyzed state. Miraculously, after which, only a week had past when she began to regain the sensation of feeling in her legs. After many months of physical therapy, she fully recovered.

On the other side of the country, Batman had also been involved in a car accident. Left for dead, he sustained severe spinal injuries immediately paralyzing him from the waist down, yet heroically, Batman refused to give up on life. With his working limbs, he dragged himself into the safety of a nearby alleyway and held on for several days unnoticed.

After hearing about Batman’s plight, Yenchi immediately traveled over 200 miles to ensure that he received proper medical attention. Unwilling to give up herself, Yenchi sought assistance with a veterinary team in the USA to arrange for advanced surgeries to help repair damages. Meanwhile Dale and Pam Goldwater from central California heard of Batman’s predicament and applied for adoption. Batman now lives in Fresno, CA were he continues to live life to the fullest, to the best of his ability, and to truly live up to his name as a superhero. 

Batman's story marked the beginning of Yenchi's lifetime commitment to help animals in need to find homes across the globe. Since then, she has helped over 500 dogs and cats escape the fate of being euthanized by finding them forever homes. 

GAIR is primarily dedicated to saving animals at risks of euthanasia, neglect, and with disability. To find homes for the helpless and deserving, to find them homes forever. 

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